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New Campaign to Fight Scammers
Who Seek to Snare Seniors


....Paula’s mother-in-law couldn’t sleep as she worried about her grandson, Will. An offi cial from Peru called to alert her that Will was responsible for an accident where a toddler died.

He was in jail and faced 10 years in confinement. If she provided money, that sentence might be reduced. She needed to act quickly and not involve anyone else; the woman followed all their instructions. She lost $65,000 of her retirement savings in a blink of an eye. Will hadn’t been anywhere near Peru. She had been snared by the Grandma Scam.

Paula wishes she and her husband had alerted their elderly relative to this type of scam. The woman might have thought twice about following those orders. Thankfully, an alert bank manager stepped in while the woman was trying to get a loan to send even moremoney to the scammer.