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.....Special supplemental foods are provided to eligible participants. Health professionals also provide nutritional education to all who are enrolled in the WIC program. The goal is to teach participants how to use the WIC supplemental foods wisely and how to build good food habits. By educating the new mothers during their pregnancy, they can improve their health and their family health for life.

.....“We not only provide them with the necessary healthcare referrals and nutritional tailored counseling. WIC provides them vouchers to be exchanged for specific foods at the WIC participating grocery store of their choice. We know that part of the needs are due to economic reasons and federal funding allows us to provide this food vouchers to all our participants.” said Janet Salazar WIC San Ysidro Health Center Director.

.....WIC vouchers provide participants with supplemental foods through a monthly package tailored to enhance their health and meet their special dietary needs. The foods are specifically chosen to provide nutrients that have been scientifically shown to be lacking or needed in extra amounts in the diets of the WIC population. The foods are chosen to provide protein, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C – nutrients likely to be missing from their regular diets.

.....“We want to make sure these women learn healthy habits and receive nutritious foods in order to get the proper nutrients and improve their family’s overall health”. Salazar said.

.....With the proper nutrients, women can help reduce the risk of premature birth and low birth weights, both of which can cause mental retardation, neurological problems, lung deformities and many future health-related problems for newborns.