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America needs to take action to lighten the load of military families ~ First Lady Michelle Obama


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Pres Clinton: We owe our veterans our deepest gratitude, but also we owe a true commitment to seeing them meet their fullest potential #Vets


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RT > "We need to respect, assist, & honor veterans by doing the right thing, not just on Veteran’s Day, but 365 days a year" Supervisor Horn


Today is Veterans Day, a time to honor all who have served our country. Find tools and services for veterans at http://1.usa.gov/rVOGdP


Thank you to all the men and women who have served and those who continue to serve our country: http://bonnieforsandiego.com


Memories are a way to keep the past alive. .First Lady Michelle Obama San Diego visit




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Honor those who've served


For 92 years, our nation has set aside November 11th as a day to honor First Lady Michelle Obama - Joning Forces on Veterans day 2011those who have served in our armed forces. Originally, the day was set aside to celebrate the veterans of the First World War. Later, it was broadened to include every man and woman who has worn the uniform of the United States. And today, we continue that tradition by honoring the service and sacrifice of our troops and veterans.

But I believe that this commemoration should last much longer than just 24 hours, once a year. That's why Jill Biden and I launched the Joining Forces initiative to honor, recognize, and support the veterans and military families who have given our nation so much. We're issuing a call to all Americans, so that everyone asks themselves one simple question: How can I give back?

We've been overwhelmed by responses from across the country. Businesses are hiring more veterans. Nonprofit organizations are working with military children. And individuals all across the country have stepped up to help out in their community. How will you give back?


Sign up for an opportunity to volunteer in your community, pledge service hours in honor of military families, or send a message of thanks to America's heroes.

Our efforts with Joining Forces come on top of the many actions my husband has made on behalf of our veterans and military families.
He's worked to send 600,000 veterans back to school on the Post-9/11 GI Bill and taken steps to help veterans translate military experience to the private sector job market. He repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- so that our troops don't have to live a lie in order to serve the country they love. He ended the war in Iraq -- our service men and women there will be home for the holidays. And just yesterday, the Senate passed two tax credits that he proposed to encourage businesses to hire America's veterans and wounded warriors.

So inside and outside of government, we're building a wave of support to honor and recognize our veterans and their families. We can use your help. Today, let's all find a new way that we can get involved in our communities, not just for Veterans Day, but every day.

Visit JoiningForces.gov and sign up today.

Thank you,

Michelle Obama








Memories are a way to keep the past alive. President Barack Obama visits San Diego for the first time on Monday September 26, 2011

Memories are a way to keep the past alive. First Lady Michelle Obama brought her national call to action on behalf of military families to Camp Pendleton on June 13, 2010

“Given all that you and your family do to take care of America, America needs to take care of you” First Lady Michelle Obama said

In April 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama visited a community garden in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego to promote healthy eating and fight obesity in children.

In April 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama visited San Diego to promote healthy eating and fight obesity in children.

Memories are a way to keep the past alive. First Lady Michelle Obama first San Diego visit:.Let's Move is a growing success |