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The San Diego County Vector Control Program (VCP) is a branch within the County of San Diego - Department of Environmental Health. A "vector" is an animal or insect that can carry and pass on a human disease. Some examples of vectors in San Diego County are mosquitoes, ticks and rodents.

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Let’s Be Prepared...

Even Before Mosquito Season!



San Diego - We need to remember that mosquitoes are still with us even in Winter, and will share diseases with some of us this coming mosquito season!

On 2015, eleven San Diego County residents contracted West Nile Virus — the most since 2008 — including a 78-year-old La Mesa man Fight the Bite new appwho became the first person locally to die from the disease in seven years.

The recent rainstorms marked the beginning of the rainy season, San Diego’s higher-than-normal Winter temperatures are creating perfect mosquito breeding conditions, and all they need is a ½ inch of standing water. Mosquitoes can breed anywhere! Rain water that might have collected in puddles, buckets, tires, plant saucers, rain gutters or other locations in yards should be dumped.

“People should clear their yards of standing water to keep mosquitoes from breeding,”advised Elizabeth Pozzebon, director of the Department of Environmental Health.“ They also need to remember to use insect repellents, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants if you're out at dawn or dusk when mosquitoes are most active”.

County authorities advise the public to take precautions, and ask the public to report swimming pools in vacated homes that have turned green, and dead birds that didn't obviously die from another cause, to Vector Control Program (858) 694-2888.

For more information about West Nile virus, go to San Diego County’s website:



“Just an inch of standing water is all it takes for mosquitoes to breed- and West Nile Virus to spread!"


DEH Officials said the public should remember to follow the general “Prevent, Protect, Report” mosquito-fighting message they’ve used for the County’s “Fight the Bite” West Nile virus prevention campaign.