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“The goal of the WIC Program is to decrease the risk of poor birth outcomes and to improve the children’s health during critical stages of growth and development.”

Poor Diet Linked to

Bad Behavior

Children who have a poor diet are more likely to become aggresive and anti-social, US research believe.

The University of Southern California found a lack of zinc, iron, vitamin B and protein in the first tree years, caused bad behavior later on.At eight years old, children fed poorly were more likely to be irritable and pick fights than those fed healthy. At age 11 they swore, cheated and got into fights, and at 17, they stole, bullied others and take drugs.

The researchers analysed for 14 years the dvelopment of more than 1000 children on Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean of the cost of Africa.They found the more malnurished the children were, the greater the antisocial behavior later on.

Report co-author Adrian Raine said parents could prevent their children developing bad behavior by ensuring they get better diets.

.........................................Source: BBCnesw.bbc.co.uk



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