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Live Well & Get Surprise
With What the Future Has to Offer.

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Clark Kent convirtiendose en Superman

Technology Helps

to Live Well

& Get Surprise

With What

the Future Has to Offer.

Do you remember when Clark Kent slipped into phone booths to turn into Superman?

Now you seldom see a phone booth. What Alexander Graham Bell created has changed dramatically. Mobile phones have become a growing market as more people realize that having such a phone can be essential for communication and safety, especially for seniors and others with special needs. Whether living independently or with assistance, seniors need to communicate with loved ones and caretakers from wherever they are, in case of an emergency or a particular health concern.

Con With the new generation of tech gadgets, finding the right mobile phone has not been easy for seniors. Many find it most convenient to have a mobile phone with basic calling features, one that is comfortable to hold, and has easy-to-read numbers. This allows for maximum comfort for those who may not be very familiar with owning a cell phone. Many cell phone companies offer less complicated phones with big buttons and easy-to-see screens.

There are other devices that can greatly benefit older adults. There are quite a few personal alert systems for seniors, but remember that many illnesses can impair a person’s ability to remember to press the call button and impede your loved one’s ability to reach out for help. In these cases, handheld devices such as PDA’s can allow people to communicate using a touch screen and a synthesized voice, or can even be controlled by eye movements.

Technologies can improve communication and reduce isolation for seniors, improve safety through electronic monitoring, are also helping families who care for seniors. New communication gadgets such as phones attached to a pill holder can help by making a reminder when “it’s pill taking time” with flashing light, and transferring data to a website where the caregiver can review the information from a remote location.

In today’s communications, the phone is still central, but add wireless communications and computing power and you have a new generation of gadgets that can summon aid, alert people to take their meds, help caregivers keep tabs on an older family member’s movements, and let doctors watch vital signs from afar.


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