.Volunteering Can Change Lives, Including Your Own


Hearing problem? You are not alone

The National Institute on Aging estimates that about one-third of Americans between ages 65 and 74 have hearing difficulty — and that number increases to 50 percent in people 85 and older. In about 10% of the elderly, the impairment is so severe that conventional hearing aids provide little benefit. The inability to communicate interferes greatly with daily living and can lead to cognitive impairment, personality changes, depression, reduced functional status and social isolation.


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You are NOT Alone!!! Mental Health Services are Available


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Volunteering Can

Change Lives, Including Your Own

By Pamela B.Smith, Director County's Aging and Independence

Mrs Pamela B Smith, Director County Aging and Independence Services


Chuck Boles, a former Marine and employee of the U.S.

State Department, retired in 1990. He put away his

weapons and now spends four days a week reading stories,

putting puzzles together and wiping runny noses.

Chuck Boles  with childrenBoles has been volunteering with the Little Angels Learning Center in Escondido since his wife kicked him out of the house, telling him to go do something useful. He landed where he feels most useful.

"The first few days, the children viewed me with some suspicion…not only was I an unknown adult, but a male one at that," says Boles, who has no grandchildren of his own. "Over time, they came to accept me and the results have been truly rewarding. Give me a smile, or a leg hug, and I'm good for another week. They are so innocent, so trusting, and often enough, need a hug of their own."Even though the drive from his Rancho Penasquitos home can be challenging at times," he says, "I wouldn't miss this for the world. Once I get there, the rest is golden."

Boles and the Little Angels Learning Center participate in a program called First 5, where older adults help prepare children age 5 and younger for school. First 5 is one of the growing number of meaningful volunteer opportunities for seniors.

Today's retirees are ready and willing to tackle more involving and socially significant volunteer activities than were commonly available in the past. Don't make them stuff envelopes. They want to use their interests, skills and intelligence when they give their valuable time to an organization. Some retirees want to pursue volunteer work that is similar to what they did for their careers, only without the same 40 hour-plus work schedule. Others, as with Boles, want activities that are very different from what they have ever done before.

Volunteer options are diverse. They range from being an advocate for abused and neglected children to being a peer counselor. There are opportunities to help wildlife, distribute food to the needy, teach people how to avoid being a victim of fraud, be a docent for your favorite museum. The list is only as short as your imagination. Just about every government and nonprofit entity survives because of the dedication of its volunteers.

The County's Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a great resource for identifying a retiree's volunteer desires and where to get those wishes met. Call (858) 505-6399.

RSVP provides the following reasons for volunteering:

  • Connect with your community.
  • Conserve funds for charities, nonprofits and faith-based and other community organizations by contributing your time.
  • Share your skills and gain new ones.
  • Develop self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Meet new people from all walks of life.
  • Make important networking contacts.
  • Promote a worthwhile activity.
  • Feel needed and valued.
  • Experience something new.
  • Make your mark on future generations.

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