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People with Alzheimer’s become forgetful and easily confused and may have a hard time concentrating. It can progress faster in some people than in others, and not everyone will have the same symptoms. It varies from person to person, and in general, can takes many years to develop, becoming increasingly severe over time.

In the mild stage of Alzheimer’s, people often have some memory loss and small changes in personality. They may have trouble remembering recent events or the names of familiar people or things. They may no longer be able to solve simple math problems or balance a checkbook. People with mild Alzheimer’s also slowly lose the ability to plan and organize. For example, they may have trouble making a grocery list and finding items in the store.

In the moderate stage of Alzheimer’s, memory loss and confusion become more obvious. People have more trouble organizing, planning, and following instructions. They may need help getting dressed and may start having problems with bladder or bowel control.

People with moderate Alzheimer’s may have trouble recognizing family members and friends. They may not know where they are or what day or year it is. They also may begin to wander, so they should not be left alone. Personality changes can become more serious. For example, people may make threats or accuse others of stealing.

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So far, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but there are treatments that can prevent some symptoms from getting worse for a limited time.Talk with a doctor or other healthcare provider who specializes in Alzheimer’s disease.

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The UC San Diego Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) is looking for elderly Hispanics, over the age of 65, who are interested in research on aging, the brain and Alzheimer’s disease. Aging Latinos may have...




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Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating disorder that plunges its victims into a fog of lost memories, forgetfulness and an eventual loss of the ability to remember the most basic day-to-day details about their own lives.
It’s the region’s third leading...


The numbers surrounding Alzheimer's disease are staggering

This incredible animation breaks down how Alzheimer's affects the brain over time

 This incredible animation provides a detailed account of Alzheimer's affects the brain


This animation by aboutalz.org provides a detailed account of Alzheimer's affects the brain. The organization hopes to eliminate the stigma surrounding the disease to help find a cure.

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