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Why Underage Drinking?



.....Research is forever trying to identify factors underlying reasons for underage alcohol use. Community environments are often acknowledged as a strong influence determining wether and how much young people drink.

The community's alcohol related norms or perceptions of harm, regulations/consequences for use, and the availability of alcohol are intertwined and ultimately influence young people.

Suggestions researchers often make include:

• Controlling the alcohol availability to young people and placing strict controls on the ways in which alcohol is advertised and promoted.

• Enforcement efforts are most efficient and effective when they focus on adults who provide alcohol to underage drinkers.

Nevertheless, enforcement aimed at young people themselves can send a message about community norms and may deter them from attempting to buy alcohol.

Reducing the availability does not only make it more difficult for youth to acces alcohol but sends a message that alcohol does not need to be the central focus of social life and having fun. Encouraging youth to discover what their "natural high" is will build an incentive for them to pursue healthy activities.

Alcohol advertising and promotions too often communicate to young people that drinking is expected, acceptable, and desirable.When youth observe these modes of public support for drinking it strengthens their justifications for use.

Norms, regulations and availability don't stand as three isolated factors influencing underage drinking.Rather they are intertwined and can all be affected by policymakers, and therefore, should be of concern to all of us.You can make a difference!





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