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Recovery Services Help to Build Healthy Lifes
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Recovery Services Help to

Build Healthy Families


,,,,,Alcohol and drug abuse are family diseases with severe consequences for all family members, particularly children. Prenatal exposure to tobacco, alcohol and drugs is associated with miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), low birth weight, physical deformities, cognitive impairment, conduct disorders, depression and mental retardation. Parental alcohol and drug abuse increases the incidence of family violence, divorce, financial problems and exposure to crime.

,,,,,The good news is that parents have enormous power to be a healthy influence on their children, to help steer them from involvement with alcohol and drugs. Early, quality treatment by professionals can help to ensure your family’s success in recovering from addiction.

....Part of maintaining a happy, healthy family is recognizing when you or someone you care about may need help. Listed below are some behaviors that indicate you or a loved one may need to speak to a professional to get assistance.

• Arrives for appointments, interviews or meetings intoxicated
• Frequently appears distracted or disoriented
• Has burned fingers, burns on lips or needle track marks on arms
• Appears overly energetic, has trouble remaining still, rapid or slurred speech
• Falls asleep or nods off at inappropriate times
• Exhibits poor personal hygiene, grooming and posture
• Repetitious behaviors such as picking at skin or pulling out hair
• Cannot maintain employment and/or has problems dealing with authority figures

..Help is available!

.....The County of San Diego offers substance abuse treatment and recovery programs to meet the special needs of women. These programs are for women with children or without children, pregnant women and Childcare room at Mujerteens.

.....The McAlister Institute has opened a new program for women in National City called Mujer. It is conveniently located in National City less than a mile from the 805 freeway and along the MTS Route 13 bus line at 2345 East 8th St. National City, CA 91950.

The Mujer program focuses on providing women with substance abuse counseling in a Spanish-speaking environment. The staff at Mujer assists women in either English or Spanish to best meet their individual needs.

....Some of the services offered by Mujer are: one on one counseling, group counseling, educational and informational groups and on-site, co-op childcare. Counselors at Mujer work with the specific concerns of each client by completing a detailed assessment and tailoring the program to match the unique needs of each individual.Classes include relapse prevention, parenting, recovery management and employment related topics to name just a few. Participants also receive a certificate when they complete the program.

...Additional treatment programs for women and men are located all over the County with many services available for clients participating in the treatment program.

....Some of the services for participants, in addition to alcohol and drug treatment may include:

• Free childcare
• Free or low-cost treatment services
• Free service for people with Medi-Cal
• Transportation to and from services
• Case managers that provide support and referrals
• Residential treatment and recovery programs
• English and Spanish-speaking staff
• Work preparation activities
• Classes for improving self-esteem, parenting, life skills

If you believe that you or someone you care about may need help, please contact us at any of the following:

> ADS Main Line (619) 584-5007

> Access and Crisis Line (877) 479-3339 24 hours/day, 7 days/week


> Treatment at Mujer is available on a sliding scale depending on each person’s circumstances. Please contact the program directly for more information
(619) 475-8522 or email at

.....County of San Diego Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) Health and Human Services Agency provides leadership, planning, policy development, service coordination and resource management for a comprehensive system of alcohol and drug prevention, treatment, and recovery services. Culturally competent services are provided throughout San Diego County via contracts with community-based organizations.


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