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Did you know that During Halloween and New Year's Day we gain one to two pounds?


..........It is true that the holiday season means reunions and parties with family, friends and at work, but the season comes and goes, while the pounds stay.

Perhaps one or two pounds are not much to worry about, but the problem lies in these one to two pounds staying and adding up. Over time, if we gain two pounds per year, in ten years we will have gained 20 extra pounds.

You do not need to suffer and limit yourself by being on a diet as an attempt to lose weight safely; you only need to make some minor changes!tiempo de fiestas y de mucha comida


...In no way are we discouraging you from sharing time with family or friends while enjoying the delicious dishes of the season and in your reunions throughout the year, but, with the ideas and tips from dietitian and nutritionist Michelle Murphy Zive, MS, RD, who is Executive Director at Network for Healthy California, you can enjoying eating without gaining extra weight for life.

..If invited to a party or reunion, you should always prepare for it.

Before going to a party or reunion:

• Eat a green salad, to which you can add one tablespoon of a light/low-fat dressing. Accompany your salad with a glass of water. With this tip, if you go to a party, you surely will not overeat.

• Wear clothing with buttons or zippers, especially on pants, avoiding clothing with elastic bands. You will be more aware of when you feel full.

pongale color a su sonrisa• Color your lips. When you use lipstick, you not only add color to your face, but you also moisturize your lips, protecting them from the cold. Reapply lipstick after eating so you have a beautiful smile to wear for pictures.

During the party:

• Choose or ask for a small plate. This way you can fill it up when you serve yourself because a small plate means less food and consuming less calories.

• Opt for green and fresh. When picking out what you will eat, opt for raw vegetables. By doing so you will be filling up your plate with fewer calories.

• Pay close attention to servings. By using small plates and silverware, you will be serving yourself less vegetables and dressing and will be consuming half of what would be considered a full serving. Also, if you will be helping yourself to a slice of cake, serve only half a slice. This will help satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying it more. If you plan to get olives, nuts or chips, do so but count them so that you only get between five and eight.

• If the food at the event is served buffet style, go around the buffet filling up your small plate and sit away from the buffet and the temptation to serve yourself another plate. Talking with the other guests could aid in this.

• Dessert. You can enjoy something sweet after your meal. Fruit is a healthy dessert with which you can fill up your plate and even have seconds, if your pants allow it.

Other tips to burn calories and that can help you to not gain weight and that can be done any moment are:

• Engage in 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity every day.
• Eat fruits and vegetables every day. Vegetables of any color, whether cooked or raw, are a rich healthy option.
• When eating out, if you try to measure, count and weigh what you eat, you will eat less. You also can divide what they serve you at the restaurant in two parts ­ one to eat there and one to take home.
• You will feel satisfied when you leave and will save too by having an extra meal to take home.
• Drink 32 ounces of water every day. Water fills you up, does not have calories, hydrates and satisfies!

We hope these tips help you make one of your New Year's resolutions possible: losing weight!

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