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San Diego is Now Part of

the Scenic Journey Across California Coastline


California Coastline

......The California Coastal Trail was established by the State to stretch from the Mexican to the Oregon borders and to become one of the great trails of our nation.

...... California Mission Trail, connected a series of missions (religious outposts), assistencias (supporting sub-missions), presidios (fortified military bases), pueblos (towns), and other Spanish interests in the region. Spain, then Mexico, controlled California until 1848, when Mexico ceded Alta California to the United States. Until now, only a small portion of San Diego has been identified for the trail.

..... Recently, the Supervisor Cox and Supervisor Greg Coxother community leaders involved in the effort unveiled signs and locations in San Diego for the California Coastal Trail. A 1,200-mile network of trails that will take residents and tourists on a scenic journey across the California coastline. Approximately 17.5 miles of trails around San Diego Bay will be connected to the statewide California Coastal Trail System. The nonprofit organization California Coastwalk will help install signs in San Diego identifying the trail.

.What is the California Coastal Trail?

.....The California Coastal Trail (CCT) is a dream in the making: when completed, it will be a 1,200 mile, continuous trail stretching along the California coastline from Mexico to Oregon. This dream started with the simple idea that the whole California coastline belongs to all of us, and should be accessible to everyone who will enjoy it with respect. Unfortunately, although our shoreline is universally considered to be a national treasure and one of California's great draws, much of it remains fenced-off, over-built, or otherwise inaccessible. San Diego.

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