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JULY 04, 2011

Honoring Their Service with Ours


.....This Independence Day, I hope you’ll join me and my family in recognizing both our brave men and women in uniform and their families for everything they do to protect our country and our way of life.

Honoring their service with ours

.....We know that when our troops are called to serve, their families serve right along with them. For military kids, that means stepping up to help with the housework and putting on a brave face through all those missed holidays, bedtimes and ballet recitals. For military spouses, it means pulling double-duty, doing the work of both parents, often while juggling a full-time job or trying to get an education.

.....That’s why, a few months ago, Dr. Jill Biden and I started Joining Forces, a nationwide campaign to recognize, honor, and serve our military families. Our troops give so much to this country and they ask us for just one thing in return: to take care of their families while they’re gone. So we’ve put out a call to action. We’re urging all Americans to ask themselves one question: What can I do to give back to these families that have given so much?

.....To answer that question you can go to JoiningForces.gov and learn more about how you can get involved. And you can get started right now through Operation Honor Card by pledging to spend a certain number of hours serving military families in your community.

.....Our motto for Joining Forces is very simple: Everyone can do something. We've met folks in every corner of the country who are stepping up and helping out in their own small ways in their neighborhoods and in their communities. They’re popping over to rake the leaves, or bringing a family a home-cooked meal, or offering to babysit. And I know that if we each do whatever we can, if we all join forces, we can show military families across this country that we have them in our hearts, we have them in our prayers, and we always have their backs.

Happy Independence Day!


First Lady Michelle Obama

P.S. Today, my husband and I will welcome troops and their families from across the country to the White House for a special USO concert and a great view of the fireworks on the National Mall. You can watch the whole thing live on WhiteHouse.gov/live starting at 7 p.m. EDT.



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