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Parents Report Increased Awareness of Risks of Teen Prescription Drug Abuse
National "Prescription Drug Take-Back Day" campaign
On April 17 was the First Take Back Day in San Diego
Drug abuse can be as close as your medicine cabinet (PDF)
Recovery Services Help to Build Healthy Lifes
Will Your Child Make The Right Choice?
Underage Drinking
Screenings at Hospitals Help Reduce Substance Abuse
SBIRT Conference
County of San Diego hosted several events to celebrate the National Recovery Month (PDF)





On the "Prescription Drugs Take back Day" Health Oficials and Federal Authorities Collected Old Medicines as a Part of National Anti-Drug Program



..uEvery day, nationwide 2,500 youths ages 12-17, abuse prescription drugs for the first time. Prescription drugs­ pain relievers, tranquilizers, sedatives and stimulants - are the drugs most often abused by teens after marijuana and misuse increases as they grow older, according to ONDCP. Typically, young people get prescriptions drugs from their home’s medicine cabinet or from friends.

.uPrescription drug abuse is the nation's fastest growing drug problem and is not uncommon in our community. The Take back day was an opportunity for members of ourPrescription-Drugs-take back community to get rid of their unwanted drugs before they fall into the hands of someone who may sell misuse them.A Day for the prescription drugs Take-back day targeted prescription drugs because they are a growing source of addiction and accidental death.

,,,,,Many Americans have old medicine, old prescriptions sitting in their bathrooms and their bedrooms. In an effort to rid households of unused prescription drugs, County of San Diego Health and Humans Services and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has launched its first ever national "Prescription Drug Take-Back Day" campaign with succesfull collection through the county.

September 25-Prescription Drug Take Back Day-locationsPeople interested in more information after the "Prescription Drug Take-Back Day" can call (619) 584-5007 for more information.

> County of San Diego Health and Human Services Alcohol and drug Agency funds a variety of free and low-cost services. For more information on these services and the many resources available please call the Access and Crisis Line (877) 479-3339 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

.....County of San Diego Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) Health and Human Services Agency provides leadership, planning, policy development, service coordination and resource management for a comprehensive system of alcohol and drug prevention, treatment, and recovery services. Culturally competent services are provided throughout San Diego County via contracts with community-based organizations.



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