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Protect your baby by taking him

to be vaccinated


mother and child

..Immunizations are an important part of your child’s total health care.

Immunizations protect your children against dangerous diseases. The first vaccines for a baby are a total of six and they are administered in the first six months of life to protect him from 8 diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. After 12 months of age, vaccines for other diseases will be administered as well as booster shot required for full protection from some diseases.

• The benefits of immunizing your children are outweigh the risks.

After a vaccine, ask the nurse or pediatrician about possible side effects and what can be done if they do occur. Most of the children who are vaccinated do not have any adverse side effects. They normally only have minor discomfort, such as soreness where the vaccine was administered, irritability and a slight fever. For more information about the effects of vaccines your child is getting, ask your pediatrician or call the County's Health Department's immunizations office.

• Where to go? Free and Low-Cost Clinics(County of San Diego www.sdiz.org)

• Check your child's immunization card!

immunizations yellow cardCheck with your pediatrician to make sure your child’s immunizations is given on time and up-to-date. If your child is missing vaccines, there is a 90% chance that you do not know about it! Families need to make sure that their children's vaccines are up to date. The vaccines that are more commonly missing are those that are administered after the child's first birthday.
Carry a copy of immunizations with you if you move or change doctors.

What happens if my child misses a shot, or I haven't had time to bring him/her into the doctor on time to get the shots? County of San Diego www.sdiz.org

• What happens if the immunization record card is lost?

Your child will need proof of immunizations throughout his life.Keep his/her record in a safe place with other important documents.

Parents must prove which vaccines have been administered to their children for enrollment in private and public child care, preschool, schools, Head Start, and even college!

Your child's immunization record is important and what happens if is lost? County of San Diego www.sdiz.org

If you have any questions, please make an appointment with your child's pediatrician so he or she may answer your questions, or call the County's Health Department immunization office at (619) 692-8661, or visit www.sdiz.org.

Immunizations More Frequently Asked Questions-County of San Diego www.sdiz.org

This article is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. The information in the article was in part excerpted from the County of San Diego HHSA Immunization Branch website: www.sdiz.org. The Immunizations Schedule Information is reprinted from The American Academy of Pediatrics and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Recommended Immunizations Schedule 2008, revised for its publication by Dr.Ernesto Plazola G., M.D.,PhD. in pediatrics, Editor-in-Chief Salud+Health Info Publication.



• Vaccines More Frequently Asked Questions (County of San Diego)

• Understanding Vaccines & their Purpose (CDC)

• The ABCs of Childhood Vaccines (CDC)

• Why does my child need to be immunized?(American Academy of Pediatrics AAP)

• Children need love and their shots on time





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