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the Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

..County of San Diego Tobacco Control

.......Cigarette smoking is directly linked to 30% of all heart disease deaths in the United States each year. It plays a part in coronary heart disease, and causes damage by decreasing oxygen to the heart. Smoking increases blood pressure and heart rate, both of which are hard on the heart.

Cigarrete smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death

Quitting tobacco is the absolute best thing a smoker can do for his or her heart and overall health.

The benefits of quitting are immediate as well as long-term for people that smoke and their loved ones.

The health changes that a person goes through after quitting are quite remarkable, and are nearly immediate!

Here is what a person experiences over a year after they quit smoking:

....Within the first 20 minutes of quitting, the healing process begins in the body. The poisonous gases and nicotine that were left behind by the cigarettes start to leave the body. Pulse rate goes back to normal.

After eight hours,

. the oxygen level in the blood increases to normal.

After 12 hours,

the carbon monoxide level in the blood drops to normal.

.After 24 hours,

the chances of having a heart attack decrease.

After 48 hours,

the sense of smell and taste begin to improve and damaged nerve endings start to re-grow..

After 72 hours,

breathing gets easier as bronchial tubes relax and lung capacity increases.

. After three weeks,

. the lungs loosen leading to an increase in lung functioning up to 30 percent.

.. After two months

blood circulation improves and when the blood flows more easily to ...arms and legs, it becomes easier to be more physically active.

After three months

the lungs are healthier. Breathing becomes easier and you get fewer colds.

.After 6 to 9 months

coughing and shortness of breath begin to decrease. Cilia (tiny hair-like structures that move mucus out of the lungs) regain normal function in the lungs, increasing the ability to clean the lungs and reduce the risk of infection.

After one year

the risk of sudden death from heart attack is almost cut in half! A “former” smoker is now 365 days away from that destructive habit which was slowly damaging his or her body each day, one cigarette at a time.

Most relapses occur within the first three months after quitting. If you’re a smoker who’s having trouble quitting don’t be discouraged if you start smoking again. Remember, most people try several times before they finally quit for good. You CAN quit smoking if you keep on trying. In most cases the chance of achieving long-term success with quitting tobacco increases significantly after years.

If you are a smoker, the benefits of quitting will continue to improve your health and quality of life for years to come. It's like a ball rolling downhill. Once you start that ball rolling, you'll be amazed at what you'll be able to do to change your life for the better. Make it happen!




When you start making choices you will start living the life you dream about: Freedom from cigarette addiction! If you’re looking to quit or are thinking about quitting, call 1–800–QUIT–NOW for assistance and information.




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