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.Yes You Can!

Therapy for Quit Smoking it Works!


.......A video of a small child still in diapers and smoking circulated the Internet in May. This video got the worldwide attention to the extreme and disturbing trend inel video de un bebe fumando fue muy comentado Indonesia. The shocking video was showing a child named Aldi Rizal, only two-year-old, but already addicted to smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

......The baby Rizal, who lives in a fishing village Musi Banyuasin, Indonesia, became famous after the video circulated the Internet. He has been under the care of the National Commission on Child Protection since July and has been receiving psychological therapy that has redirected his addiction. During his therapy, the therapists kept him busy with activities.

Terapia para control del estresThe therapy includes a wide range of activities, including playing with kids of the same age and drawing, at the time that his 26-year-old mother, Diana, is receiving parenting classes.Now she knows that children who are around tobacco smoke in their homes have more health problems like asthma and ear infections.Now she also knows that second-hand smoke contains more than 4.000 chemicals known to provoke different types of cancer, but it also causes other health problems for adults and children.

.......Do you know that smoking even a few cigarettes a day does damage? and that the average smoker dies 7–8 years too early? Mean while smoking causes 1 out of every 5 deaths in the United States, the benefits of quitting are immediate. Within the first 20 minutes of quitting, the healing process begins in the body.

The Health benefits of quitting ....Continue .......................SPANISH-EN ESPAÑOL

When you start making choices you will start living the life you dream about: Freedom from cigarette addiction! If you’re looking to quit or are thinking about quitting, call 1–800–QUIT–NOW for assistance and information


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