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By Lois Kelly

Silence is Not Golden


It’s hard to believe, but elder abuse can happen anywhere. It can take place at home by family or friends or in a nursing home by professional caregivers. Many people don’t think of elder abuse as a crime, but it is.



Elder abuse reports


Mandated Reporters Can Make Elder Abuse Reports Online
An online referral system is now available for mandated reporters, such as health and social service professionals, to report suspected elder or dependent adult abuse through the following URL:

Users to the online system will need to register when they first use the link and the County Aging & Independence Services will need to approve the account. Online users will not need to call in an initial report or send a follow-up written report.

The online system is not available for the general public, who should still report potential abuse through the AIS Call Center:

1 (800) 510-2020.

Target Shoppers' Credit Card Info Stolen Across U.S.


Thieves have stolen an unknown number of customers' payment information, the Secret Service has confirmed.
A warning for anyone who has shopped at Target stores since Thanksgiving: Your debit and credit card information may now be in the hands of hackers.
The Secret Service has confirmed thieves have stolen an...

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Beware of Holiday Scams


By Lois Kelly

The holidays have arrived and holiday shopping is in full swing! Unfortunately, scheming and scamming do not take a break for the holidays.

For most people the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, including scammers and thieves. Be vigilant. The holidays provide extra opportunity for a variety of theft and financial-fraud scams.

Scammers look for easy targets and you may be considered just that.

Holiday Shopping...

Black Friday is the start of great holiday shopping deals. Be extra careful with online buying and never agree to reveal your personal information just to participate in a promotion. Don't fall for prices that are too good to be true -- they usually are.

Mail and telephone scams separate people from their money on a regular basis. Sweepstakes/lotteries announce the possibility of a “bogus win” but you must send a fee or tax to claim the money. Unclaimed money calls say the Secretary of State may have money in your name and the caller, for a fee, will try to get it for you.

While the end of the year is a peak time for charity appeals, it's also a peak time for bogus charity appeals. The holidays are a time of giving which creates a great opportunity for scammers to solicit donations to fill their own pockets. Holiday donation solicitations by mail show heart touching photos of children, animals or occurrences such as earthquakes and plead for donations. Send money only to recognizable legitimate charities.

Seniors should be aware of the “Grandma-I’m in jail” call which portray a grandchild -or nephew- who asks bail be sent to an out of country address. Since it is the time to renew health insurance, bogus Medicare calls are requesting banking and social security numbers. Do not give out personal information. Take precautions so the holidays are not ruined by scammers and cybercriminals.

We want you to have a great holiday season -- and not get taken by holiday scams. So, always be on your guard, pass on the tips we've given here to a couple of your friends and family members -- and enjoy a Happy Holiday!


About the author:


Lois Kelly, Attorney At Law

Lois Kelly has been an attorney for more than twenty-five years specializing in litigation.  She has practiced in the area of Elder Law for the past thirteen years and for the past eleven years has assisted caregivers with their issues including filing for Conservatorship. Ms. Kelly helped establish a free Conservator Guardianship Clinic in Imperial county  which is still on going.

Phone: (760) 942-1903


Fraud & Scam Awareness presentation


Norman Park Center is hosting a Fraud & Scam Awareness presentation in collaboration with Chula Vista Police Department, Property Crimes Unit and County of San Diego, Aging & Independence Services. This will be an interactive presentation so you can protect yourself from fraud and scams as well as how to report and make a referral to Adult Protective Services (APS). This presentation will be in English. Informational handouts and resourceswill be distributed to all attendees.

Day: Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
Time: from 10 to 11 AM.
Place: Norman Park Center 270 F St, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Info: If you need more information, please call 619-409-1930 or email.


Decorating with poinsettias has become a holiday tradition


One of the mostdelightful decorations at Christmas is the poinsettia.

Beautiful poinsettia ornaments are often used as a holiday center-piece... Continued

Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and injuries


According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), unattended cooking is one of the leading sources of home fires that occur around the holidays. Always always watch the food cooking and set timers to remind yourself to check on it every so often.

Avoid cooking when you’re distracted, tired, under medication and at risk of falling asleep. You must be alert while cooking to avoid accidents.

Falls are preventable


If you're a 75-year-old (or older) female living alone, you have the greatest probability of having a fall. Add to that an acute illness, medications, alcohol use, poor lighting, vision problems, and a few throw rugs and you're an accident waiting to happen.


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